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Property Finance

We specialise in sourcing finance for property investors, landlords, developers and small to medium enterprises.

Our team of ex-lenders dig deep into the information, listen and get a detailed understanding of your requirements enabling us to focus on the lending institutions that fit the bill. We will always look to source the best rate whilst looking at the overall fees, costs and timescales of delivery together with keeping your goals and interests at heart.

Rates Guideline

Bridging Finance FeesMonthly Rate Loan to Value
All Types of Residential Property Up to 2%From 0.45% Up to 80%
Second Charge Residential Property (unregulated)Up to 2%From 0.60%Up to 75%
Semi Commercial PropertyUp to 2%From 0.45%Up to 75%
Commercial PropertyUp to 2%From 0.60%Up to 75%
Land (with or without planning)Up to 2%From 0.70%Up to 70%
Term up to 18 months

Commercial Property Investment Finance

Our background and experience as former lenders in commercial investment finance and overall knowledge of the marketplace ensures our clients have full access to all types of lenders tailored to their needs.

The panel of commercial finance lenders is split into three areas:

  1. Commercial mortgages up to £2,000,000.
  2. Medium tier lenders typically from up to £2,000,000 to £20,000,000.
  3. Large lenders from £20,000,000 plus.

Between the three areas we have different lenders on each panel that cater for our clients requirements

We spend time understanding our lenders requirements and their criteria looking at the values they lend off i.e. the market value or the vacant possession value etc.

We have into house debt models that look at the debt service requirements that the lenders require to support your finance. This in turn saves our clients time ensuring we approach the right lenders day one.

Each application is supported by a detailed loan summary to speed up the assessment and credit submission for our lenders to get the finance to formal loan offer in the most time efficient method. The loan summary is written by experienced ex lenders and further supported by former underwriters to take your application through its legal due diligence to ensure the finance is completed on time.

Typical Client Requirements:

  • Investment Purchase for both experienced investors and new investors.
  • Refinancing, many of our clients are refinancing from banks who used to provide more competitive terms in the past.
  • Interest Only, this can provide time to improve tenancy income or simply keep payments low.
  • Short Leases/Licenses
  • Adverse Credit company and personal
  • Up to 75% Loan to Value
  • All Types of Commercial Property

Case Studies:

Residential Investment Finance & Buy to Let

At NapeX we work together with our buy to let team to source the best terms for our clients tailored to their needs.

The buy to let team covers the traditional buy to let market utilising their knowledge and sourcing systems and our team covers the specialist residential investments.

Our panel of residential investment lenders spans across high street banks, challenger banks, private banks, building societies, specialist lenders and hedge funds.

As ex lenders we use our in-house knowledge and specialist in house debt models to match you to lenders demonstrating the options available across the market. We then use our relationships and experience to source competitive terms delivering on our client’s individual requirements. 

Typical Client Requirements:

Specialist Residential Finance

  • Commercial HMOs: C4 classification/sui generis with surveys based on an investment valuation.
  • Small HMO Finance: C3 classification with surveys based on the investment valuation for established HMO locations.
  • Multi-Unit Finance: Flats or blocks of houses on a single title.
  • Portfolio Finance: Finance for professional landlords, PRS operators and student housing.
  • Large Buy to Lets: Typically loans from £750,000 that fall outside of mainstream buy to let lenders.
  • Residential Blocks: Finance for blocks of flats.
  • Non-Conforming Residential Investment: Residential investments that do not meet traditional buy to let criteria.  
  • Incorporation Finance: Transferring of a residential portfolio into a limited company structure.
  • Overseas Companies & Offshore Companies: All types of overseas structures and foreign nationals.
  • Unusual Ownership Structures

Buy to Let

  • Buy to Let Finance: Single lets for a singular household. These are typically houses or leasehold flats. 85% loan to value (LTV) mortgages available. No minimum income required, no maximum age requirements, personal or limited company finance available, ex-pat, foreign national mortgages and second charge finance available.
  • Complex Purchases: Purchases below market value, gifted equity, short leases etc.
  • Multi-Unit Finance: Flats or blocks of houses on a single title.
  • Small HMO Finance: C3 classification with surveys based on the bricks and mortar valuation.

Case Studies:

Refurbishment, Extension & Conversion Finance

We specialise in supporting investors purchasing and refurbishing properties. Works may be light through to heavy structural works, extensions and conversion.

Depending on your requirements we can source finance up to 75% of the gross development value.

We have specialist tools to help appraise your project at the start to help outline which lenders will consider your project.

If you’re refurbishing to let, we can also secure the refinance at the beginning to give you confidence in your exit.

Typical Lending Requirements:

  • Conversion to a House in Multi Occupation: (HMOs) C3 small HMOs, C4 HMOs and sui generis HMOs.
  • Commercial Conversion to Semi Commercial: with either flats added or conversion to HMO.
  • Commercial to Residential: single and multiple units.
  • Light Refurbishment
  • Heavy refurbishment
  • Refurbishment and Extension
  • Adding Additional Storeys
  • Air Rights

Case Studies:

Development Finance

Our development finance solutions follow the full development cycle.

We source funding through the cycle with land loans, development/conversion finance, developer exit facilities and where required refinance into an investment facility.

Each application is supported by a detailed summary to speed up the assessment and credit submission for our lenders together with a full development finance pack to get the finance to formal loan offer in the most time efficient method.

The summary is written by experienced ex lenders and further supported by former underwriters to take your application through its legal due diligence to ensure the finance is completed on time.   

Typical Lending Requirements:

  • Senior Debt: Finance up to 60% loan to cost and to 55% loan to gross development value with rates starting from 3.5% plus base or libor.
  • Stretch Senior Debt: Finance up to 90% loan to cost and to 70% loan to gross development value with rates starting from 5% plus base or libor.
  • Mezzanine: Up to 95% of total costs and up to 75% of the loan to gross development value.
  • Land Loans: These are typically available up to 70% of the residual land value.
  • Single Units and Small Sites.
  • Developer Exit Solutions: Up to 80% loan to value on refinance. Release equity for further projects together with pre agreed sales proceed release.
  • Multi Phase Loans: Typically with pre agreed proceed release.

Powered by Knowledge:

  • Our panel covers high street banks through to specialist and private lenders with over 45 lenders.
  • As a team we have provided finance from £200,000 through to a £100,000,000 so you’re in experienced hands.
  • We understand what our lenders look at and find appealing within a proposal allowing speed and efficiency throughout.
  • We take time getting to know our lenders and staying up to date with all their criteria.
  • Before presenting your proposal, we look at your costs and run the numbers through our own development finance model.

Development Finance Model:

Our development finance model allows us to provide our clients with an immediate funding overview before approaching lenders allowing us to consider who are the likely banks/companies to offer finance.

  • Calculated Interest rolled or retained
  • Lending Fees in and out
  • Monthly Drawdowns
  • Build Cost per square foot
  • Gross Development Value per square foot
  • Loan to Cost
  • Loan to Gross Development Value
  • The Residual Land/Site Value
  • Gross Profit
  • Sales Proceed Release on plot sales (for larger schemes)

This in turn saves our clients time ensuring we approach the right lenders day one. 

Case Studies:

Bridging Finance & Short Term Finance

Our team have built bridging lenders, headed up their credit teams and provided facilities from £50,000 through to £20,000,000 understanding intrinsically how lenders in this space lend and how they will work with you from the start through to repayment of your facility.

Over the past decade bridging finance has become a main stream option for investors and businesses to enable them short-term solutions to achieve their goals.

As ex lenders we will always look at all finance options before a bridging loan is considered to ensure the right strategy is in place.

Our focus when using short term finance and bridging solutions is qualifying the exit route whether that be sale or through refinance and seeing the loan through to the end with our customers.

Typical Lending Requirements:

  • Sales Bridge/Developer Exit: This particular type of finance has become very popular and has led to a highly competitive finance market for developers who need to refinance a development loan or raise funds for further projects. Rates typically start from 0.45% per month with a 2% fee with funding available up to 80% loan to value.
  • Planning Bridge: A short term loan to gain planning approval for residential and commercial schemes. Often we can arrange pre-agreement for the conversion or development finance with the lender to allow you to move into the development or conversion finance with minimal costs.
  • Land Finance: Land with or without planning where time is required to gain or enhance planning. Developers often use this solution to purchase a site quickly whilst seeking a development loan.
  • Self Build Sales Bridge: This is a new area within the market and is used by developers selling plots on a self build basis to home owners wanting to build out their own property.
  • Complex Residential Investment: From experience if a buy to let has two or more complications then lenders expect these to be resolved before moving into mid to long term finance.
  • Commercial Mortgages: Finance for vacant commercial property, start up trading businesses, equity release and complex short term finance.
  • Auction Purchase (28-day completion): Speed is essential and our lenders can typically provide an immediate decision in principle and completion within 2/3 weeks.
  • Part Completed Developments: This has become common requirement with many developers running out of funds with the project left unfinished. Most development finance lenders are not open to part completed schemes, we specialise in working with funders that can put in place funding to refinance the existing debt and complete remaining works.
  • Pre Receivership: We have relationships with receivers who will introduce a client to us where they believe a refinance can be achieved avoiding selling the property at a forced sale value.
  • 2nd Charge Bridging: This is ideal when you don't want to lose a good rate on a residential investment loan however at the same time there is equity available to use for other projects. Lenders can lend up to 75% loan to value minus the existing debt on the 1st charge mortgage.

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Case Studies:

Business Mortgages

Finding property finance for your business can be challenging.

As ex lenders we know how banks work from the inside out. We have a large panel lenders that cater from start-up businesses through to listed companies and our enhanced KYL (Know Your Lender) process ensures we understand the in-depth criteria that lenders each work to.

Each lender is carefully selected and vetted to ensure we understand how they are funded and that their business is well capitalized to ensure they deliver the funding.

We pre-underwrite your application undertaking a full financial review asking the questions that the lenders will commonly raise. This is supported by our detailed and specialist lending report providing the information that the lender requires with a calculated affordability assessment. This then makes it clear for our lenders to underwrite and therefore approving your application quickly.

Our lending panel covers a large range of the market, so this enables us to take you to a high street bank or one of our specialist lenders depending on your requirements saving you time and money. We stay with our clients throughout the term of the loan and we will often work with you to look at how we can improve your finance options at the end of your term and be on hand if you have any problems.

Typical Lending Requirements

  • Premises Purchase: Many of our clients are already renting their property when they approach us, finance is available up to 100% of purchase for a discounted sale, typically up to 75% loan to value for most purchases and 100% for professional practices. Our assessment of the accounts, other income sources and assets enables us to place the mortgage with lenders catered to your requirements.
  • Values: Lenders finance against different values these vary from the value of the good will within the business, the open market value and the vacant possession value.
  • Refinance: We listen to our clients to understand their requirements and what is important with typical requests being low rates, flexible repayment options i.e. interest only or part capital interest payments, reduced or no guarantees, refinance of bridging finance, releasing equity to restructure business debt, short-term facilities, adverse credit, previous bankruptcies, 2nd charge finance, commercial refurbishment and extensions.
  • Types of Property: Retail units, offices, semi commercial, hotels, car parks, guest houses, bed & breakfast, restaurants, take away, cafés, serviced offices, industrial units, warehouses, care homes, pubs, holiday parks, golf courses, SIPPS, SAPPS and nurseries to name a few.

Case Studies:

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