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Powered By Knowledge

Powered by knowledge

With our years of experience in both sales and credit, we provide our clients with unrivalled insight into the lending business.

Efficient Work Practices

Efficient work practices

With all the relevant information from the outset, we can work diligently to deliver efficiently for our clients, and without delays.

Long-term support

Long-term support

We strive to ensure the long-term goals of our clients are fully understood and at the heart of everything we do.

Our Services Include:

Property Investment

Property Investment refers to the act of purchasing real estate properties with the goal of generating income. It’s important for investors to assess their financial goals, risk tolerance and investment horizon.

Property Development

Property development is a multifaceted process involving the purchase, improvement, and sale or leasing of real estate to create value. It can be a profitable venture when executed effectively.

Bridging Finance

Bridging Finance is the useful, flexible and interim financing option used by investors, landlords and residential buyers, to ‘bridge the finance gap’ when funding isn’t immediately accessible.

Business Finance

Business Finance is the funding a business needs, for commercial purposes. It can be used to finance various operations, purchase equipment, assets or real estate. It can also help achieve business growth plans.

Commercial Investment

Commercial Investment Finance is a type of funding that is required and used to purchase or refinance a commercial, or semi-commercial property which is let to tenants, mainly professionals.

Regulated Mortgages

Regulated Mortgages are loans secured by a charge over a property which is lived in by you or a family member. We offer residential mortgage services via our highly recommended 3rd party broker panel.

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