Business Finance

What is Business Finance?

Business Finance can help business owners access funding needed for any commercial purpose. It is a key aspect of business management. It refers to loans taken out by business owners in a sole trader, partnership or company name.

There are many benefits to using Business Finance which aid in various commercial operations. For example they can include startup costs, acquiring assets or addressing unexpected cash flow problems. This can range from supporting business growth plans to covering daily expenses. It can also help business owners purchase equipment, implement new technology, or simply help with costs associated with hiring and managing contingencies.

At NapeX Finance, thanks to our relationships with our panel of lenders we can help businesses source the funding needed. We are able to quickly find tailored facilities that keep in mind all of our client’s other financial commitments and financial covenants (such as with other lenders when using different forms of finance). This helps ensure we have delivered the right type of finance for them at the outset, whilst maintaining and considering the businesses mid and long-term strategic goals.

We always work long-term with our clients, helping to put in place the required funding, whilst at the same time considering how this might affect other loans or the ability to source additional finance in the future.

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