Regulated Bridging Finance

Regulated Bridging Finance

Regulated Bridging Finance, or Regulated Bridging Loans are used by homeowners who have found themselves falling short of funds to purchase another property. These can be invaluable in order to prevent future purchases falling through. If you are looking to raise a 1st or 2nd charge against a property which is the residence of the owner, then you would require a Regulated Bridging Loan.

These often include a more layered administrative structure with multiple checks, therefore we refer these loans to our approved panel of third party Regulated Mortgage Brokers, however our team of experts will remain on hand to advise and support you along the way.

Loan Information

  • Typical Terms: Maximum of 12months (typically 75% Loan to Value)
  • Payment Structure: Retained Interest – Interest is calculated against the gross loan at the end of the loan term with all the interest retained from day one. Giving clients an opportunity to repay once the property has been sold. You will only pay interest on the term of the loan used
  • Fees: rates from 0.55%/calendar month, 2% of the loan lender fee. No early repayment penalties
  • Security: 1st or 2nd Charge
  • Survey: Required, however some lenders will offer digital valuations to reduce costs

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