How do we help our clients?

NapeX Finance - How We Help Our Clients

Firstly, we get to know our clients by taking the time to always talk and listen to them, so we can fully understand their specific requirements. In our experience, no two loans are the same!

It is very important we have these in-depth discussions when helping our clients, so we comprehend their finance or project requirements. We will run the numbers through our own unique in-house finance model, as well as take a look at similar and comparable projects. By doing this we are able to provide an outline of what our clients funding may look like to the lenders. And this also provides us with the opportunity to discuss any further details with them before making the application on their behalf.

When our clients agree to proceed with the application, we present a detailed summary to a selection of lenders from our panel. These are the lenders that we deem most relevant in the market for their requirements. Approved options are then presented back to the client, along with information about how the different lenders work.

Upon selection of the chosen lending option, our team then work relentlessly with helping our client to provide all specific information requests. We also assist with survey and quantity surveyor reports, and any further negotiation the lenders need.

Thanks to our expertise, we work diligently through this process, avoiding obstacles and delays. Our dedicated in-house operations team will then work to get our clients loan over the line, and funded as quickly and smoothly as possible..

If you are not yet working with us but would like to, then contact the NapeX Finance team today. We’ll happily discuss what you need, so we can find you the best solution. 

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