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Our experienced team has accumulated a wealth of valuable insights throughout the years, and we’re eager to share that knowledge with you. To simplify the process of understanding your needs, we’ve compiled some helpful guides below. If you find yourself with any questions or uncertainties, please feel free to reach out to us.

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Developer Exit Finance

Developer Exit Finance

Developer Exit Finance is used by property developers to pay-off outstanding loans on a recently complete, or nearly completed project. They are a type of bridging loan often used to increase cashflow, to enable them to finish off properties, purchase new sites and also exist onto better rates.

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Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO)

A ‘House in Multiple Occupation’ otherwise known as HMO, refers to many types of accommodation, such as houses or flats that are shared by several different tenants, who rent their rooms on an individual basis.

Essentially property that houses three or more tenants that are not related and are from more than one household are classed as HMO’s. They can be hostels, bedsits in large buildings, blocks of converted flats, employee accommodation, refugee accommodation, private halls of residence etc.

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Land Finance

Land Finance

Land Financing refers to a specialist type of finance that allows you to purchase, develop on, improve or refinance land. Both land and site purchases have become a popular part of the market.

These loans are typically very flexible in terms of amount and length of time, which make them ideal solutions for many of our clients.

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Top Tips for Completing Quickly

Top Tips for a Quick Completion

We have supported many clients over the years with their different funding requests. Along the way we have maintained clear communication with the various lenders selected and understand how they work, what they need and what helps to speed-up the process.

We have collated our thoughts on a few top tips that you could follow if you want to help achieve a quick completion.

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NapeX Finance Valuation Guidelines

Valuation Guidelines

We pride ourselves on understanding the method that lenders will be asking the surveyors to apply within their valuation reports.

Each lender lends against different values which are not always fully declared at the outset, our Valuation Guide pages cover some of the common areas and themes.

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NapeX Finance - Typical Requirements

Typical Information

Information required by lenders often varies, in fact usually each lender has their own specific set of requirements. We therefore tailor what we ask our clients for during the funding processes.

We have however collated our main findings, and listed those on our Typical Requirements page.

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