Land Finance

What is Land Finance?

Land Finance refers to a specialist type of finance that allows you to purchase, develop on, improve or refinance land. Both land and site purchases have become a very popular and sort after part of the market.

These type of loans are typically very flexible in terms of amount and length of time, which makes them an ideal solution for many people.

It is worth noting that it’s important to provide plenty of time to get the planning or development finance in place, and we can provide more insights into why that is needed if you want to contact us.

Another important factor to take into account is that when applying for planning, you must consider what the land value will be with planning in place, and look at the development finance that’s available.

Why is that important? Well all too often we see clients taking too high a facility on the bridging finance which means they often have to put in more equity, to get into the development finance deal at a later date. At NapeX Finance, with our expertise, we can use a lender who can provide a bridge and pre-approve the development loan which de-risks the refinance, reduces legal fees and also helps with lower re-valuation fees.

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